As C.O.G.S. Expo is a community event, Performer Applications will be available to any and all performers the community would like to invite.


Performing at the C.O.G.S. Expo will, therefore, be by invitation of the community only.



How do you get an invitation to perform at the C.O.G.S. Expo?

Community suggestion, of course!



If you are a member of the Steampunk community and would like to see a specific performer at C.O.G.S. Expo 2019, please email the link below.


If you're a performer that would like to perform at C.O.G.S. Expo 2019, reach out to your fans and the Steampunk community and ask them to request you!!

Or do it right through the website



NOTE: The performers that donated their time last year and performed for FREE for all our enjoyment have already been asked if they would like to return. We feel it is only right that, after they were gracious enough to perform for us out of the goodness of their hearts, we have them back again this year.

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